Friday, January 28

On wedding rings...

When we got married, I designed the engagement ring and hubby designed the wedding rings.  I like them.  Sadly, I as not in the habit of wearing them.  They fit but I was in my last year of college when I married and was a ceramics major, so unless I wanted them lost in clay... well you get the idea. So the habit never formed.

Hubby is in the same boat, he worked in a place that needed sanitary conditions (he was product control with injectionables, so those with diabetes could stay healthy) and then went into medical school so well, again need a pretty clan environment and wedding rings harbor germs.  It is kinda interesting, considering that we both really don't think of it as a big deal about neither one of us wear our wedding rings all the time.  I know MANY women that would just assume he is cheating because the ring was off, but I know my husband and I love and respect him and he knows me and loves and respects me.  At least we try to... we are human after all.

So what is the point of this post?  None, other than me wanting to show off a picture of my rings.

What do your rings look like?  Comment below with a flickr link, blog link or something.  i love looking at wedding and engagement rings... the creative the better!


Virginia said...

You do have the loveliest rings. I have never seen a more unique design and they epitomize the two of you. Thanks for posting the picture!



rings vintage said...

I think its great to have the chance to design your own wedding rings. Loved it.

antique wedding bands said...

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