Thursday, May 20

If I could ask God anything...

This is a children book and I would think can range from ages of 3 to 12 mattering on how curious your child is (though I know some new Christians that would really benefit from this book too!).  It is a wonderful resource for all those questions that have big lofty answers but you need to explain to a child in a non threating or confusing way.

This book though geared for children, is not for children... it is for mom or dad or some other adult to read to a child or read and then explain to the child.   As such it is set up well, but no pictures to speak of.  The questions range from the mundane to the VERY deep but are all answered as if you are going to talk to a small child (I am sure my 4 1/2 year old would understand this whole book... even the answer to "If God loves people, Why do bad things happen?").  Though this book is geared to children I think it would be a great resource for people that are new Christians or often work with new Christians. 

I am a member of something called BooksSneeze and request books I think I will like, read them, and then get to write a review for them on what I think of them. I am not paid to do this, though I do get a free book.  I am also not told what to write so this review is only my reaction to the book.

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