Monday, May 10

Money I can do, Housework... not so much

Ok, for those that know me in real life, you know that money is not an issue for us.  Not that we are rich but that I am so thrifty that I can make pennies bleed.  We lived under the poverty line for 4 years with 2 kids and didn't take ANY government help.  We could have gotten foodstamps, WIC, and Medicaid, but we didn't.  In fact we paid off debt... and paid for a birth (if you prepaid the midwife it was under 5000 dollars for all the prenatal, birth and post stuff).  Anyway, I am going into this because we whipped our money into shape and controlled it, we didn't let it run us and our lives. 

On the other hand, my house.... yea, it runs me.  I have clutter EVERYWHERE.... really.  It is piled up next to this computer, in the corners of the rooms and basically anywhere we have a flat area... well had... and lets not even get into daily cleaning stuff either.  I am always behind on laundry, the floors always need to be swept and mopped, and the toilets... yea, lets not go there...  Now I would love to blame my parents for this saying "I was raised with a cluttered home and was never taught to keep house" and that would be true.  (I mean I had to have my roommate teach me to do my laundry when I went to college... no joke.)  But I need to just grow up and face the fact that I am an adult and just learn how to do this stuff. 

So here it is, I am a bad house keeper and don't know how to fix it.  I don't know where to start in my house so I am making a game plan.  I am looking up websites on how to declutter.  I figure that one I have the house uncluttered I will be better able to clean on a regular basis.  Wish me luck...

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Melanie said...

You might want to check out The Messies Manual and Speed Cleaning for some ideas. I read the first one and really enjoyed it. I am still in the process of reading the second one, but I have gotten good reviews about it from people I know.
I would love to read some posts about specific ways you pinch pennies! I am a newlywed and I know I need to learn those skills!