Thursday, May 20

Pampers is dumb....

They have posted on Pampers a list of reasons why cloth diapering is "bad".  I cloth diaper.  I will continue to do so... in fact I have doctors notes stating I have to cloth diaper my kids and that they have an allergy to the absorbency stuff  in things like Pampers.

To read other peoples post on it click below as this is part of a blog hop of POed cloth diaperers.

So here are my list of myths on disposable vs cloth:

Myth: cloth diapering is "dirtier" and unhygienic. (from a "friendly" neighbor that later called Child Protective Services on me for cloth diapering, don't worry nothing came of it other than a POed cloth diaper and a pissy neighbor that my kids were not removed.)

My Fact:  They get washed!  You use soap on them!  Like your clothing!  In fact you can even Bleach them if you really want to, though I find boiling them better as bleach leaves enough chemicals for my kids to get burns.

Myth: Cloth diapers are better for my baby.

My Fact:  Consider the fact that disposables have similar chemicals as female pads...  not the same, but close.  Now consider the fact that when I changed to cloth pads I physically got healthier.  That is right, I had skin problems that I though were hormonal, but no, it was pad induced, I had cramping, again hormonal? no pad induced!, and then my fav.  my sex drive and sensitivity improved... I won't go into details... but come on!  Who doesn't want that improved!  And if a pads only worn for 1 week of the month do that to me (and who knows what to you!)... what are disposable diapers that are being worn 24/7 by your baby doing to them?  Are you so sure that your child has eczema?  I got some "eczema" while using pads but it would go away as soon as I stopped using the pads... I am not cloth padded and "eczema" free... and if pads gave me cramps, could that colic be caused by something? Perhaps... So yes, I would say cloth is better for my baby.

Myth: Disposable diapers are easier than cloth.

My Fact:  Ummm, NO.  I worked child care for 6 years prior to having children and can tell you that they are the SAME amount of work, just different work involved.  How can I say this?  Because it is true!

Now for my rant on Pampers and all diaper companies: WHY do you not put your ingerdents on the side of the package?  You have to with shampoo, cleaning supplies, food or anything else a child might eat so you can tell poison control just in case.  So why is it that something PUT on a childs body doesn't need that?  It is much more unlikely a child will get into shampoo and eat it than take off something they are ALWAYS wearing and eat part of that.  Are you telling me it is ok for a child to eat a whole diaper and that nothing would happen to them?  Please.  I don't beleive it.  I am sure those chemicals are not safe to eat. 

I have a theory as to WHY they won't tell you what is in there or make it easily found by consumers...  it is because if you google searched the ingredients you would get lots of links to cancer or mood swings or some other health/environmental issue.  I have found that companies like Pampers usually advertise what is good and will hide at all cost what is bad.  If they feel the need to hid what is in the diapers you know it can't be good... because if it were good it would be a marketing ploy...


Heather said...

I like the reminder that we don't know exactly how our kids might be reacting to the chemicals in diapers - eczema? irritability? lack of sleep? other??? Thanks!

EnnisP said...

Hey MM, off the subject but do you have a "contact" feature on your site. I have looked everywhere and can't find a way to contact you. Have a question regarding your site in general.

For the thread, we are way beyond diapers with our kids but this is great reading for the sake of our grandkids.

MamaMay said...

No I don't have a contact feature. I will get one up some time soon though... didn't even think about it.