Monday, May 24

Parenting by The Book... by John Rosemond

The Book being the Bible.  Ok, I got this book via a Bible study at church.  We would read a chapter every weeks and then talk about it the next week.  It was very good and made me realize why I was having all the parenting issues I was having and how to fix them!  It has recommendations from ages newborn to out of the house and is more a philosophy than an actual step by step guide.  This would be a great gift to a parent that you know has had struggles with their child or is just getting to the terrible twos.  In fact I suggest grandparents read it because many first time parents go to mom/dad/mother in law/father in law for advice (at least I do!).

The book is an easy read and really gets into the "how" in the last 2 chapters.  All the rest of the book is a "why" with back ups from the Bible, just plain old common sense and history.  The author actually has all those fancy letters behind his name and is an expert in his field which is family psychology. 

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