Tuesday, September 9

Lima beans

I don't remember my parents ever making lima beans. I remember the kids at school complaining about them but didn't know what they tasted like so I assumed they tasted a lot worst than they do and never bought them.

At least, I didn't until about a year ago.

A store in town was having a sale on frozen mixed veggies and they happened to have lima beans in them. I figured that N wouldn't eat them and that I could.

Imagine my surprise when she picked out all the lima beans and left the green beans, corn, peas and carrots. With hefty encouraging she ate all the peas and corn too but nothing could get her to eat the carrots or green beans.

It is just funny how kids like a food that you are sure they will not.


mom said...

Mrs. R. loved you too. She moved to an apartment at a retirement center and we did not visit her, but I asked about her often. Her granddaughter had children at Somerset, your grade school, so I could keep up. You are right. She did have sons. One was an artist who lived in Mexico. He had a daughter a little younger than you he would bring up to visit who spoke Spanish. Do you remember playing with her sometimes? She also had a son who lived here who really looked after her. It was his daughter whose children attended Somerset. They were younger than KK, so you probably do not remember them.
Mrs. R. lived a long time and had a good life and a family that loved her very much. She crocheted intricate doilies and you did spend a lot of time with her. Her sons appreciated it. You were good for each other! I am glad you have fond memories of her.

mom said...

We didn't buy mixed vegetables much! I don't like lima beans, but I am so glad N. does! They are good for you. :) Mom