Thursday, September 11

What if...

A blog I read often, is wanting people to blog about what they would name their handbook and why for a prize, so I am.

If I were to write a handbook I would name it Frugal Motherhood. The reason I would name it this is because we have been living under the poverty line for quite some time (since little N was born... before really). I would put all sorts of helpful hints in it about how to find free things to do online and off line (activities and products), get gobs of coupons and cheap cleaning tips. I would have these things sprinkled in between stories of the crazy things my kids have done, odes to people I respect and the crazy stories from own childhood.

Now I just need write it. Wait a decade or so and it might be started!



Nice! Thanks for participating, mama!

Aunt Kathy said...

I'd buy it. lol if I had the money of course.

Grandma Ginny said...

Your blog is a good start!