Thursday, February 19

Family update.

I felt the need to update family things. These times just go so fast that I know I will forget all the cute things the kids have done if I don't record it.

G is finally REALLY crawling. Before he was letting his feet/legs drag and low crawling with his arms. Of course G being G, also figured about walking at the same time. He is now pulling himself up and walking around things while holding on to them. Hubby thinks that he is trying to talk and has named me "Bubu" because whenever he starts heading for me he just keeps saying "bubu". He also eats a WHOLE box of cheerios in one sitting. G also LOVES being swung around and bounced around.

N is starting to get jealous and rough house with G a little too hard. G likes rough housing but sometimes N takes it too far. She still isn't all that big. she wears a 2T and a 3T but really fits the 2T better. She is just a small kid. She eats well and her favorite food seems to be Ramen soup.

Daddy and I are going through the house. The goodwills down here won't take children's clothing anymore (Actually they will take it, but they throw it out! Stupid CPSIA law!) so I am freecycling a lot of junk. It is hard to believe that we only have a month and a half left here.

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Aunt Kathy said...

My kids still love Ramen noodles, and they are 23 and 26. Ok i admit I like them too can't eat them anymore but I do like them