Tuesday, February 17

Feeling down

We are poor. And when I mean poor I mean we can get food stamps and Medicaid, Poor. We don't get either because I am just that cool and know how to live on the cutting edge of frugality, but we could.

Most the time I feel like I am winning because I can spend 10 dollars at the grocery store and walk out of the store with 2 or 3 full paper bags of food (usually saving is about 40 to 45% but that is including milk which we drink 3.5 gallons a week take out milk and well it goes up into the 60's somewhere) but lately I have been seeing others doing things and thinking/wishing I could do that too.

Example: The parks here are pay to park and so is the beach. We budget our food/entertainment together and we kinda expect that I will be handed a miracle in being able to feed us every week (which I don't thank God often enough for.. So thanks again God.) and the dollar and hour to go to the park is just not in the budget.

And that isn't the only thing here that is problematic. I can find nothing that is free for kids here in Fort Myers, FL. And it does need to be free, cheap to me means 10 cents or less and 5 bucks is just out of the price range. It seems all the fun stuff costs money.

I know, I am whining and No I don't need nor want your charity (Ok, I do WANT it... but I am not taking it) . In 2 more months we will not be in Fort Myers anymore and we be on our way to Hawaii. We will not be poor either, we will be making 3 times what we are making now (even though it is 2 times more expensive to live in HI). It just is so close to ending and I feel like I can taste it.

It is like making brownies... you can small them long before they are ready to eat, and you want them... you want them now. You know you have to wait but that doesn't stop the desire for them.


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

We were in HI over the summer and it is incredibly expensive! But the great thing there is there is alot of beautiful scenery that is free! It's a shame to live near the beach but not be able to enjoy it.

Thanks for the link you left on my blog for the child pornography. I am going to check it out. I think this subject is so important.

Aunt Kathy said...

Better days are around the corner, your frugalness will pay off and you will reap what you have sewn.