Tuesday, February 24

KaBoom Placespace finder!

Moving all the time, like we do, I like to know what is around a perspective place to live before I even have a chance to visit. That is why the play space finder from KaBOOM! is so awesome! (just click the pic to link to the site.) You can find play spaces wherever you go! Like on vacation, moving, or even one that was newly built in your area! The play space finder is still in beta so if you have a suggestion go and suggest it!

(on a side note: I am looking for memes to do, esp. ones that will challenge me as a Christian and in my walk with God. If you know of one please comment the link to me!)

For more AWESOME stuff go over and check out WFMW at We are THAT family!


Holly said...

I'll bookmark this for the next time we travel...thanks!
Glad you stopped by my blog, and thanks for confirming that you don't have to use oil for the popcorn!

Hadley Coble said...

great idea! I'll have to bookmark it. from time to time we get to go with my husband on business trips, and I love free activities like this to get us out of the hotel!

Annie said...

Thanks so much for writing this! I'm glad you like the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder so much. We linked back to your blog post here.

Have a great and playful day!

Annie Lynsen
Manager of Online Content and Community Development