Wednesday, February 11

Sore arms and a rant!

My arms are killing me. I have crocheted 21 rows in 6 hours of my hubbies afghan and hate the thing right now. It is really quite lovely but still, I am just sick of it. It is the afghan that never ends! I had originally intended this as a wedding gift... that was 4.5+ years ago... then I was going to have it finished before I had my first child... who is now 3... then before the second child... who is now 9 months... so many broken promises in that thing. The good thing is that I every time I promise to finish it I do get a bunch done but then set it aside. This time I want it done before I move HI which I thinks means I will move to HI and remember it around X-mas... we will see.

From here on I am only going to make afghans that are pieced together. I can take them with me easier and they fit in purses and diaper bags better. I just hate being stuck at home when making something like that. That is the reason I keep making soakers/shorties/longies.

In other news I have silk ribbon yarn I want to dye but don't know what color! HELP! I'll take suggestions! No promises though ion me following those suggestions. The pattern it is intended for is All about Eve. Just help!


Trebdiel said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who has gotten fed up with afghans. I have sworn never to start a large project(that is not pieced together) ever again.

Aunt Kathy said...

I prefer afghans done in pieces too, but once in awhile a one piecer is nice, I usually leave that one near my knitting spot and work on it during things like NASCAR races.

Oh I looked at the skirt... my first thought was a brick red, I was thinking Eve and the apple, LOL. But a green would work too, kind of like the leaf used to cover her nakedness.

kadezmom said...

You are moving to Hawaii......I'd say lavender.