Monday, February 2

Random update

Well things have been super busy here. And I have to update what has been going on.

The kids are sick. N and G both have sinus issues. G is throwing up every so often but not all the time. He is also sleeping all the time!

Hubbies car is down. The clutch was going out so he decided last month to fix it... well the car is not together yet. Since he only has weekend s to work on the car.. well that means another week without going out...

I won a roving contest. Very nice!

I am also doing something on Swap bot. There is a gain exposure for your blog swap.


ellecupcake said...

HEY! Great blog! it is really cute and you write well! :) Thanks for sending me the link!
-ellecupcake (swapbot)

Bloggette said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on right now. I hope thing slow down and get better. The good thing is that problems generally come in 3's and since both kids are sick and the car has broken down then that means you've only got good things coming now :)

Aunt Kathy said...

I haven't heard about Swap Bot

Congrats on your recent win too.

Hope the kids are feeling better and the car is fixed too.

sonia said...

Oh no! Nothin' worse than a house full of sick people. LOL. Makes you want to quarantine yourself in your bedroom huh? Hope everyone is on the healthy path very soon!