Tuesday, February 10

FO Fridays

I have been thinking about trying to do a meme every week for some time, in fact I have had it named and with rules for a while. I just didn't know HOW to do it. Well I took the last 2 days to figure out how mr. linky works and now I am ready to start one! I am naming it FO Fridays. So starting next Friday we will be showing off those FOs!

What is a FO?

FO stands for "Finished Object".

Who can participate?

Any person that has a craft that has been blogged about in the last week (with a finished object photo!). This craft can be knit, crochet, sewn, woven, an newly dyed yarn (yarn pron... *drool*)... you get the idea. If you are participating with a Work In Progress please put WIP somewhere in the title of the link (EX: MamaMay (WIP sweater)). I do have the ability to delete things and I might have the power to edit things too... hasn't come up yet...

What are the rules?

1. You have to link to post not the blog. Ex: http://your blog name here.com is wrong. http://you blog name here.com/blog post name is right. The fastest way to get the post url is to actually click the title of your post.

2. Yes you do need to have a blog. No Ravelry links, no Flickr links, no Forums, no Etsy shops... just blog links. (Though the FO can be for sale... just not LINKED to the sale page directly)

3. You MUST link back to me on the post or on the blog. I will be checking and I will delete those that do not.

4. I am sure there will be more as things come up. Check back.

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